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Empire State Building

featured - Empire State Building

New York City, NY Lanmar Services modeled a floor of the Empire State Building for a tenant improvement.

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Nassau Coliseum

featured - Nassau Coliseum

Nassau County, NY Lanmar services modeled this hockey arena based on as build construction documentation and traditional measuring techniques. Documentation had been lost for the project and multiple remodels were not documented consistently. Lanmar worked with an on-site team to

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500 East 6th Street

featured - 500 East 6th Street

Austin, TX Lanmar Services modeled this two story historic retail space on Austin’s famous 6th Street. Lanmar Services provided deliverable in AutoCAD to the architect and in Revit to the structural engineer. The building was added on to multiple times

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Clock Tower Building

featured - Clock Tower Building

New York City, NY The Former New York Life Insurance Company Building, also known as the Clock Tower Building, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, and both the exterior and interior were designated New York

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Eden Park Academy

featured - Eden Park Academy

Austin, TX Lanmar modeled the Eden Park Academy site as well as the exteriors of 6 buildings located on the site. Site features such as curbs, mechanical/electrical equipment, dumpsters, fences and even tree trunk width and tree height were modeled.

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Bronx House

featured - Bronx House

Bronx, NY Lanmar modeled this historic mansion with all of its interior and exterior detail. Gallery 3D Model Click the play button and use your mouse to spin the model. To switch to first person mode and use arrows to

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