Nassau Coliseum

Nassau County, NY

Lanmar services modeled this hockey arena based on as build construction documentation and traditional measuring techniques. Documentation had been lost for the project and multiple remodels were not documented consistently. Lanmar worked with an on-site team to attain missing information. Although Lanmar was able to produce a fully functional Revit model based on existing construction documents alone, the project would have had a shorter timeline if modeled from scans. This project demonstrated that modeling from laser scans is approximately three times faster than modeling from existing documentation and traditional survey techniques.


3D Model Viewer

Click the play button and use your mouse to spin the model. To switch to first person mode and use arrows to walk around click the eye in the bottom right hand corner and switch the viewer mode to “First Person.” You can even go inside the building by zooming in to see the interior!

** At the moment mobile viewing is only available on Android via the Chrome browser.

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