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Glorious Gadgets

One of the most inspiring lectures I attended at SPAR this year was Jim Balding’s and John Russo’s 30 minute lecture titled “Glorious Gadgets” in which the two presented a series of videos and asked a simple question – tool

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SPAR Presentation Availible Online

Thank you for everyone who attended Larry’s lecture at SPAR on how to talk to clients about laser scanning versus modeling from plans. It’s now availible for download if you would like a copy for future use. Click here to

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SPAR Interview

We had a great time at SPAR this year! We got interviewed during the convention and you can see the vedo below. To see other great videos from SPAR go to

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Lanmar Services Annual SPAR International Party

Where: Brodamoor Hotel, Crystal Room When:  April 16th, 7:00PM You’re invited to the Lanmar Services SPAR Party! Join us for drinks, games and networking at the Brodamoor Hotel, Crystal Room at  7PM. We look forward to seeing you and having a great time!

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Using holograms to replace physical architectural models

Holograms are not a thing of sci-fi any longer. Like Princess Leah in the first Star Wars movie, you could be sending your next client a hologram of building design. The technology, originally designed for military purposes, has reached a

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Desktop laser scanners

There are many talented Architects that design best with physical models. However, physical models are often discouraged by firms, because of the duplicate effort involved in order to document the design and the general lack of efficiency in creating a

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Presentation at SPAR International

Larry Kleinkemper, AIA will be speaking on Wednesday April 16th at SPAR International – a 3D measurement and imaging conference. He will be discussing building computer models from 3D Point clouds vs 2D drawings. The talk will be held at

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Real time engine explained

If you want to see your computer model in a virtual environment, you have to use a real time engine. The real time engine allows you to move fluidly through the computer model and look in any direction. Most engines

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3D Laser Scanning Basics

Three Dimensional laser scanning is very fast, accurate, and useful. It is not necessarily a new technology, but has only recently become a practical economic choice. There are two types of scanning we will focus on – site scanning and

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Recent developments in rendering

Computer modeling and rendering seems like an old subject at this point. However, the extreme advances in the last decade has changed the technology to a point where firms should consider hiring more than young Architectural grads. Whenever a client

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