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ThinkBox Profiles Lanmar and How We Use Point Cloud Meshing

ThinkBox recently did a piece on how we utilize Sequoia in our work flow! Check out the article here:¬†  

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Meshing Point Clouds in Sequoia

Sequoia Workflow Pic 12

Sequoia is an auto extraction program, by the company Thinkbox Software, that automatically extracts geometry from a point cloud data. In this post, I will outline the workflow for meshing point clouds in Sequoia and then exporting these meshes for

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Jewish Day School


Chicago, IL This project included an overall site model, exteriors of the 3 major buildings situated on the campus, as well as select interior areas. Overall modeled area covered 70,847 SF. The project was scanned in 5 days, decreasing the

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Austin Community College Highland Campus


Austin, TX Lanmar modeled the shell of this former mall that is being remodeled to a community college from point cloud data. Special attention was paid to the condition of the roof as well as the building systems that are

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