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Auto Extraction


Anytime the word “auto” is used to reference a task, excitement flows through the air. The hope is that this automation will be a “cure-all” and save time and money. Auto extraction of information from point clouds certainly achieves this;

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BIM for Facilities Management

Industrial plants are dynamic environments where layouts constantly change due to innovation, technology wear-and-tear, as well as changes in regulatory measures. Traditionally, facilities managers had to maintain as-built or as-maintained plans, product information, and maintenance schedules separately. With the arrival of

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Targets and Scanning

The above images are of a few different types of targets that are used in 3d laser scanning.

Targets are physical objects that you set up on site that scanning software uses to tie together multiple scans. The process of tying together scans is called “registration.” If you have set up your targets correctly, the software will be

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Scanning in the Entertainment Industry

Although we predominantly focus on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries, Lanmar will occasionally work on a project for the entertainment industry. We recently worked on a project that involved scanning several historic Texas stadiums for a movie and

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Augmented Reality to Showcase Your BIM


Like all marketing professionals in the AEC industry, I’m always looking for innovative ways to showcase our models. Recently, I experimented with using augmented reality apps for displaying our models and the results blew me away. In the past year,

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Laser Scanning vs. Photogrammetry

When it comes to documenting a project in 3D, you may find yourself comparing laser scanning and photogrammetry as possible solutions. Both technologies exist to achieve similar results, however depending on the scale of your project, desired level of accuracy

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Using BIM for Threat Assessment & Emergency Management

Simulations of attacks increase likelihood of success and decrease chances of friendly fire.

Building Information Models are an incredibly useful tool for the assessment and management of threats. This includes both human threats such as terrorism and natural threats such as hurricanes. This blog will outline how BIM can be used to improve

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LOD – Development or Detail & Why it Matters

Pipes Level of Development

First of all, let’s establish what LOD stands for. Is it level of development or detail? People seem to use it interchangeably. Development vs. Detail  – The History According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) release document E202 (AKA

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Revit Models in an Embedded 3D Viewer

sketchfab feature image

No matter how many screen shots you pull from a complete building model, it can never communicate all the detail of finished model. Well maybe it could, but who realistically wants to look at that many screen shots? That’s why

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Glorious Gadgets

One of the most inspiring lectures I attended at SPAR this year was Jim Balding’s and John Russo’s 30 minute lecture titled “Glorious Gadgets” in which the two presented a series of videos and asked a simple question – tool

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