With global reach and the capacity of scale to meet the needs of any project, the team at Lanmar Services plays a crucial role in the success of many large and complex construction projects across the U.S. and the world.

Lanmar Services has successfully worked on a broad range of scan to BIM project types including commercial, industrial, sports, medical, manufacturing, government and education facilities. Learn more about our featured projects by clicking on the images below.

Featured Projects

Below are some of our most recent projects that we are excited about! To see a full project listing, scroll down to the map below.

new-jersey-state-house New Jersey State House - Trenton, NJ The Lanmar team worked with the architect and structural engineer to create an as-built model of the historic 227 year old New Jersey State House. Built in 1790, it is the third-oldest state house in continuous legislative use
featured-Alamo Historic Downtown San Antonio Master Plan - San Antonio, TX Lanmar modeled 1.5 square miles or downtown San Antonio surrounding the Alamo Complex. The model was used to document the existing conditions of the site and to ensure potential interventions did not conflict with the historic character
featured-RioGrande Austin Community College Rio Grande Campus - Austin, TX Lanmar created a Revit model of this early 19th century high school that is being renovated to serve as one of Austin Community College’s campuses. 3D Model Click the play button and use your mouse to spin the
featured - NASA Sled NASA Sled - Norfolk, VA This model was created for the purposes of creating a 3D print of a NASA facility to be displayed in museums. As NASA tears down some of its older sites, Lanmar has been assisting in documenting the facilities
featured - Enroch Pratt Free Library Enoch Pratt Free Library - Baltimore, MD Lanmar Services recently completed documenting a beautiful, historic library in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. TheĀ Enoch Pratt Free Library consisted of three above ground floors as well as three underground stacks levels. Lanmar documented all the historic ornamentation

Project Map

To see an alphabetized listing of our scan to BIM projects, click here or on the markers on the map below.