featured - 30 Rockefeller Plaza 30 Rockefeller Plaza - New York, NY Lanmar Services modeled 3 stories of this iconic building for a tenant improvement project. The model was used to verify square footage for new floor plan layouts.
featured - not green 4 CMS Metro Park - New York, NY Lanmar modeled this 15,710 SF office building for the architect’s use in developing floor plans.
featured - Empire State Building Empire State Building - New York City, NY Lanmar Services modeled a floor of the Empire State Building for a tenant improvement.
featured - not green 1 Flatotel - New York, NY Lanmar modeled 18 floors of this building for an interior remodel project. The total area modeled was approximately 120,000 SF.
featured - Raddison Hotel Raddison Hotel - Austin, TX Lanmar modeled the interior and exterior of the downtown Austin Raddison Hotel. Typical hall layouts where needed for a major remodel as well as detailed models of unique lobby areas to be updated to a more modern look.
featured - not green 4 Skyscraper Mechanical Rooms - New York City, NY Lanmar modeled 7 floors of mechanical space in a 60 story New York City sky scraper. 3D Model Click the play button and use your mouse to spin the model. To switch to first person mode