What We Do

Laser scanners have a 360 degree view. They measure and record in the computer a series points along the exposed surface in the environment around it. Our specially trained staff of professionals then uses customized tools and programs to efficiently translate the points into 3D BIM or 2D CAD to fit your needs.

Why use 3D laser scanning?

  • Increased SPEED from traditional surveying methods – 250,000 points can be documented pre second
  • Increased ACCURACY – a laser scanner can collect more data from areas typically missed or difficult to reach by traditional methods
  • Increased SAFETY – laser scanners can gather data from a safe distance away removing the need to put up scaffolding
  • Why use our team for BIM?

  • We have the PROCESSING POWER to efficiently work with data collected by the scanner
  • Our staff SPECIALIZES in converting scanner data into ready-to-use 3D BIM as-is/as-built models and drawings
  • Lanmar Services has years of experience REFINING EFFICIENCY AND COST EFFECTIVENESS in capturing and delivering accurate 3D as-is documentation